Bios Project


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Joaquín Fargas integrates the artistic, scientific and technological fields in his production.

From science, he disseminates concepts and theories in a playful and poetic way; from art, he teaches to understand the properties of nature and to become aware of the care of it.

His production of him focuses on possible or utopian proposals in relation to life, its preservation and the interrelation of beings and the future.

In his work, he integrates biological materials and technological tools, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, in order to break down borders and generate possible dialogues and hybrid ecologies.

He was Executive Director of the UNESCO Network for the Popularization of Science and Technology for Latin America and the Caribbean. He is currently Director of the Center for Exploratory Art, Science and Technology in San Isidro, Argentina and Director of the Latin American Bioart Laboratory at the Inter-American Open University-UAI.

The works have been exhibited in museums, galleries and biennials. Activities include site-specific installations, performances, workshops, and academic conferences on all continents, including the Antarctic.


Biosphere Project

Planetary ecosystems

A series of hermetically sealed natural ecosystems teach us the fragility of our planet, the limited natural resources and the need to take charge of their care.


The water utopia

The Rabdomancer thanks to its technology can capture water from the atmosphere for reuse. This robot is a fantastic character that bridges the gap between fantasy and reality with a utopian proposal that could perhaps be carried out


Solar robots in Antarctica

Glaciator’s mission is to raise awareness about climate change, the melting of ice and its consequences on the planet.


Containers of infinite knowledge

The Absolute Book proposes us to explore different paths in this search that presents us with infinite alternatives that exceed human understanding.


Nanny Bot

A robot with artificial intelligence, which not only responds according to the original programming, but also learns based on trial and error tests and makes determinations through its original and acquired knowledge


Don Quixote against climate change

This installation consists of a series of three windmills that worked in Antarctica generating cold in order to keep the glaciers and the frozen poles. In a chimerical effort against climate change, the work represents the ability of man to fight even against what seems impossible