Joaquín Fargas

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Joaquín Fargas

Joaquín Fargas 是一位艺术家和工程师,自 1988 开始从事于科学与技术
的 推 广 普 及 。 在 1990 年 创 办 了 Centro Científico Tecnológico Interactivo
(CCTI)。这个组织主要运行“探索科学中心”、环保节目“Mirando al Futuro”
(面向未来)和国际项目、艺术、科学与技术。2008 年 6 月在阿根廷布宜诺斯
艾利斯的迈蒙尼德大学成立了生物艺术实验室。2009 年被联合国教科文组织
Red-Po 授予科学与技术推广专家称号。2010 年 1 月被任命为 Red-Po 的执行董
● 工程师和艺术家之间的结合
● 从激光的研究与发展到雕塑的设计与制作(通过科学技术)
● 能够从概念到完成管理多学科项目

Work Areas

  • From art taught to understand the properties of nature and become aware of their care. He is currently artistic director of the Bioart Lab at Maimonides University in Buenos Aires, which he founded in June 2008 and professor of the department of Art Technology. His work has been exhibited in museums, galleries and biennials in different regions of the globe. During 2014 it has developed a profuse activity consisting of the execution of works, installations "site specific" performances and academic conferences in Argentina, Belgium, Costa Rica, Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan and Luxembourg.

  • From science, reports the concepts and theories of a playful, poetic way. Its output is enabled with possible or utopian proposals in relation to life preservation and the interrelationship of the beings and the future. Since 1988 works in the popularization of science and technology. In 1996 he founded the interactive Center Exploratorio which is academic director until today.

  • In his work, it integrates biological materials and technological tools in order to break boundaries and create possible dialogues and hybrid ecologies. Since the beginning of the 2000s, he begun to incorporate digital technologies, communication and robotics in his work. Biotechnology is manifested in the works of Bioart Lab from 2008.

Biosphere Project summer 2015/2016

"In 2015, the Biosphere Project was invited to continue in the Comtemporary Arts Museum in Mar del Plata, as part of the new..."