Joaquín Fargas

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"太阳能莫比乌斯带是一种艺术与科学的展览。 它是由不锈钢、丙烯酸和太阳能电池板组成的太阳能雕塑。 它传达了与能源和环境有关的科学原理,因为它使用太阳能电池板发电系统,它 是由环保材料如不锈钢制作而成。 它是自主的和低维护的。 "


"Abstract Recent studies show that the melting of ice caused by global warming could do more than raising the sea level: it could wake up frozen viruses. Since 2003, large viruses have been found ensconced in permafrost, a layer of soil in the Arctic that is usually permanently frozen. Rising temperatures and melting ice could see the reappearance of ancient deadly viruses. It looks like all kinds of infection-causing viruses could defrost as the world warms. Glaciator works as an antivirus that compress the..."


"Forty million years ago, the Antarctic was a warm continent and the habitat of many animal and plants species. A dramatic cooling process produced a massive extinction. The sun is the only thing that has remained virtually unchanged and connects that past, millions of years ago, with the present. Solar flowers and insects represent a hinge between the Antarctic fossils past and the future; where human’s  technological capacity has begun to unravel the mystery of life and this could mean the recreation of..."


"向日葵是一种聪明的花朵,黎明时开放,白天绕着太阳转,晚上闭合。此花 是一个环境气象站,可监控空气污染,紫外线辐射,温度等等。向日葵是气候变 化的哨兵。它给服务于可持续发展意识的网站发送图片。 » The reality is before us, we can avoid it or become aware of it.” "

Environmental Credit Card/Biogame

"Environmental Credit is a project which proposes a paradigm shift towards the use of the planet resources, having in mind future generations and the environmental sustainability of the Earth. It involves every living creature, considering the relation with its closest environment, the near outer space and the universe in general. Environmental Credit presents an intervention on the planet’s ecosystem and human life. It limits individual actions related to consumption to seek a balance between used resources..."

Space for purification

"A fishing hut in Cheng Long, Taiwan  and its surroundings were converted into a »Place for Purification» where the water, our thoughts and our behavior regarding the environment could be improved. The project »Place for Purification» is a mix of art, science and technology. The main goal is to achieve a better relationship between the people and the environment, the human beings and nature. The installation is a combination between wind sculptures, solar panels and a purifying water system. It was used..."

Homo Energeticus

"Homo Energeticus express the relation between the man and his environment and how the impact that has on it. Is an interactive installation conformed by tubes and fibers, filled with liquid, air and light. This fibers act as blood vessels, and are reflecting the energy in the people passing by, with the movement of the fluids. The green represents the impact of the man on the Vegetable Kingdom, the red one on Animal kingdom, and the violet is the cyanide produced by the mining. The work is complete with a..."


"Windlight and Windcapture 是由铝和不锈钢制成的由风驱动的动力学雕塑。它 们自己发电照亮自己。 "

Arborem Autotroph

"Arborem 自养生物是一颗金属树(不锈钢),产生了一些“人工光合作用”。 在树旁边的地上有太阳能电池板发电将水从底部运输到顶部的叶片。顶部小水滴 下降,实现水循环。在白天产生的能量存储下来,到了晚上用光纤将树叶照亮。 当太阳反射时,风使树叶运动。 "