Joaquín Fargas

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"太阳能莫比乌斯带是一种艺术与科学的展览。 它是由不锈钢、丙烯酸和太阳能电池板组成的太阳能雕塑。 它传达了与能源和环境有关的科学原理,因为它使用太阳能电池板发电系统,它 是由环保材料如不锈钢制作而成。 它是自主的和低维护的。 "

Biosphere Proyect

"The Biosphere Project consists of natural ecosystems isolated inside sealed containers that only allow the external influence of heat and light. These systems, like our planet, depend on light as a source of  energy for the development and continued existence of the life cycles that take place inside of them. These systems represent our planet in an infinitesimal scale, and show its fragility and the importance and urgency of its care. »Action is warranted despite the uncertainty of the expected results,..."

Surplus I

"The destiny of the frozen bodies is unknown. We don’t know if this situation is the result of a programmed event or forced action, but they are here, ready to be bring back to life or maybe to be food of a future generation or civilization. Perhaps cry-conservation could be a way to save the human kind if it is heading an apocalypse, a huge climate change or overpopulation.   "

Surplus II

"The containers are filled of life in dormant state, but ready to be transformed. What is this? Is a cocoon? Is a cry-conservation chamber? It is unknown. It is an space that evolves waiting to be explore. The containers reacts contorting their selves by the presence of the visitors. "


"You write a message and your message is translated into hundred different languages and then sent to the outer space trying to reach an alien civilization. The installation is composed by a terminal to write your message and the transmission tower made of bamboo, a renewable resource found in several places around the world. From the beginning the man tried to find another civilization , tried to reach the sky, that’s the story told in the Bible where the civilization tried to make a huge tower called Babel..."

Arborem Autotroph

"Arborem 自养生物是一颗金属树(不锈钢),产生了一些“人工光合作用”。 在树旁边的地上有太阳能电池板发电将水从底部运输到顶部的叶片。顶部小水滴 下降,实现水循环。在白天产生的能量存储下来,到了晚上用光纤将树叶照亮。 当太阳反射时,风使树叶运动。 "


"IFO is a fusion between a bird and a plane.  The wind make it to move and to lift   "

Live Hearts

"Joaquin Fargas had participated on the “Proyecto Corazones Vivos” (Live Hearts Project), organized by the heart foundation Favaloro in Argentina. He made two works: “Corazon + Sol  = Vida” and “Pulsar”. "

Argentina Futura

"Argentina Futura is a kinetic light sculpture. Its shape represents the Republic of Argentina. Made of stainless steel, Plexiglas and fiber optics. Its light are blue and white the colors of the argentine flag and the music is tango. "