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Galeri Petronas

Is the man the measure of all things? or is it nature? Are these questions even relevant bearing in mind that man and nature cannot be seen as mutually exclusive? Although we live in a time of few certainties, the truth is that man has no future without nature. However, even knowing that our planet’s resources are not inexhaustible, we fail to realize that global warming is caused – to a great extent – by human activity.

Has contemporary art something to say, however, regarding this subject? As a practice that appeals to reason, sensitivity and perception we believe that art can contribute to this important issue. Created as a networking program, the Biosphere Project involves various aspects of the artistic practice in different countries around the world. As a living sculpture containing a natural ecosystem hermetically sealed inside a transparent sphere, it operates as a metaphor of the planet on an infinitesimal scale. Through the digital photographs taken by the artist, the wonders of nature are revealed.

The Biosphere Project aims to act as a platform of sensitive awareness for addressing one of today’s most urgent topics: the preservation of planet Earth. In addition, it hopes to inspire a positive change in people’s attitudes and actions towards the protection of our environment.

Florencia Battiti – Curator

Galeri Petronas