Joaquín Fargas

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Galeri Petronas

"Is the man the measure of all things? or is it nature? Are these questions even relevant bearing in mind that man and nature cannot be seen as mutually exclusive? Although we live in a time of few certainties, the truth is that man has no future without nature. However, even knowing that our planet’s resources are not inexhaustible, we fail to realize that global warming is caused – to a great extent – by human activity. Has contemporary art something to say, however, regarding this subject?..."

Havana Biennial

"Joaquin Fargas was invited to participate in the XII Havana Biennial whit the Biosphere Project Academic activities El encuentro del arte, la ciencia y la tecnología (The meeting of Art, Science and Technology ) Lecture at the National Museum of Natural History. Arte en la era del antropoceno y Arte en los albores de la revolución genética(Art in the Anthropocene Era and Art at the dawn of the Genetic Revolution), Lecture at ISA, Arts university. Workshop with 6 grade students, at the National Museum of..."