Joaquín Fargas

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"太阳能莫比乌斯带是一种艺术与科学的展览。 它是由不锈钢、丙烯酸和太阳能电池板组成的太阳能雕塑。 它传达了与能源和环境有关的科学原理,因为它使用太阳能电池板发电系统,它 是由环保材料如不锈钢制作而成。 它是自主的和低维护的。 "

Biosphere Proyect

"The Biosphere Project consists of natural ecosystems isolated inside sealed containers that only allow the external influence of heat and light. These systems, like our planet, depend on light as a source of  energy for the development and continued existence of the life cycles that take place inside of them. These systems represent our planet in an infinitesimal scale, and show its fragility and the importance and urgency of its care. »Action is warranted despite the uncertainty of the expected results,..."

Big Brain Project

"Big Brain Project is a system made by a series of nerve cells cultures, spread around the world and interconnected through the internet.  The interactive global installation conforms an hybrid and universal brain that combines nervous cells tissue cultures with an artificial neuronal system which helps providing the capacity of remote interconnection and communication with all its nodes. The project shows the new communication possibilities comparing the concept of synapses with the digital connection. Big..."


"Utopia is an artistic project developed in Antarctica. Its mission is to raise awareness about climate change, melting ice caps and its impact on the planet. The installation consists of a core ice structure surrounded by four utopian works of art. Its origin can be traced back to Don Quixote Against Climate Change, later joined, as a result of the inspiring Antarctic experience, by the pieces Extinction-Creation, Quiescence and Ice Project. 堂吉诃德应对气候变化 两周内三个风车在南极安装,产生低温为了阻止冰川融化。应对气候变化这一空 想任务反应了人类与看似不可能事情的斗争能力。风车是由不锈钢,铝,聚碳酸 酯制作而成,作为风力发电机,fed..."