Joaquín Fargas

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"Forty million years ago, the Antarctic was a warm continent and the habitat of many animal and plants species. A dramatic cooling process produced a massive extinction. The sun is the only thing that has remained virtually unchanged and connects that past, millions of years ago, with the present. Solar flowers and insects represent a hinge between the Antarctic fossils past and the future; where human’s  technological capacity has begun to unravel the mystery of life and this could mean the recreation of..."

Cave of the future

"Cave paintings are one of the most ancient art forms, of which there is evidence from 40.000 years ago. As in the past these people left us hand prints on the rock, capturing their journey in this world, the Cave of the Future invites to make a digital record of our days, leaving the imprint of our hands on digital media as a mark of our passage through this world and a legacy of this era for future generations. "

The Underground Connection

"The Underground connection proposes to connect metro stations in different cities around the world through art and technology. The proposal includes multidimensional windows between remote locations, collaborative works with the participation of artists and the public, and shared contests and events, among others activities. "

Consensus or apocalypse

"Consensus or Apocalypse is a political art proposal, which aims to raise awareness about the risk of worldwide confrontations and the position of the technology in relation to the actual and future situations. It consists in a performative lecture, where the interaction with the public is prevalent, concluding in a consensus workshop where the participants have to solve a nonlinear puzzle in which the pieces must match to ensure global balance. During the activities, a 3D printer produces a weapon from files..."