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Environmental Credit Card/Biogame

Environmental Credit is a project which proposes a paradigm shift towards the use of the planet resources, having in mind future generations and the environmental sustainability of the Earth. It involves every living creature, considering the relation with its closest environment, the near outer space and the universe in general. Environmental Credit presents an intervention on the planet’s ecosystem and human life. It limits individual actions related to consumption to seek a balance between used resources and the possibility to renew these same resources. It allows us to think different utopian and dystopian alternatives related to life on Earth in the future and the chances of sustainability or extinction. One of the most popular works related to this project is BIOGAME. In this game the participant faces many paradigmatic decisions that define his contribution to the environmental field worldwide.

»Biogame is a game where we all win or lose, and in real life we are playing it without even knowing. It’s time to be aware.»


Environmental Credit Card/Biogame

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