Joaquín Fargas

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"Bio-wear is a second skin, a metadermis biotechnologically developed that reproduces and redevelops the body’s processes. The skin is proposed as an element of an abstract and imaginative order, not leaving behind its organic nature as an element malleable for intervention and experimentation. While evolution took from us the capacity to dress naturally, biotechnology may offer us a possibility to reinvent and extend our bodies. "

Stochastic Principle

"Probability, luck, chance, or even providence to some, play an essential role in our encounter in time and space. New technologies broadened the formats and possibilities. Communication devices and mechanisms allow us to hold not in-person but virtual meetings. Our life depends heavily on coincidences; no doubt our nature encloses the need to meet, to share and to be part of a common moment that transcends our lives and every possible variable. “I sought you in time and did not find you, I tried in space..."

Sunflower, sentinel of climate change

"Sunflower is a big robotic flower, with its petals are made by solar panels. These petals generate the necessary electricity during the day to sustain the operations SunFlower is a large scale robotic flower whose petals are made of solar panels. These generate the electricity needed during the day to power the flower’s operations as weather station and for lighting at night. The flower monitors environmental conditions of its surroundings: air pollution, UV radiation, temperature and other variables. In..."

Connection Plaza

"Connection Plaza is a group of interactive sculptures connected one to each other through the Internet. The participants complete the work of art: When the firs participant step on a circle his/her body weight turns on a device which lifts a telescopic tower somewhere else, trying to call someone, like a phone ringing. If a second participant answers the call stepping on the circle in front of the raised tower, he/she will raise the tower in front of the first participant establishing a two way connection...."