Laboratorio de Pensamiento Complejo

Complex Thinking Laboratory – COMPLEX THOUGHTS LAB-

Will we be individual beings or will we be part of a universal whole that has a common objective which we do not know?

Added to the tragic impact of COVID-19, represented by the increasing number of deaths, followed by devastating economic effects that lead to a humanitarian crisis, uncertainty is added.

The emergence of the pandemic has put the world on pause or at least slowed down its activity to levels that can be seen with the naked eye, the environmental impact decreased drastically by modifying the postcard of the planet.

We are in crisis, each and every one of us is trying to cope as well as possible, now the question is: so what? after the pest has been controlled. Like any crisis, we can transform it into an opportunity.

It is the first time in the history of humanity that an event has global characteristics in a synchronous way, we have the hard privilege of sharing this unprecedented situation.

Also for the first time, world society has a common goal for all. Those objectives that tend to be different, often antagonistic, reasons for wars as long as they are known, today are combined into one as a proof that perhaps all of humanity is a single group.

The ceasefire is almost universal these days, when this happens: Have we learned our lesson and have more respect for life?

The tremendous reduction in environmental impact: does it leave us a lesson or will we all be waiting to use again in a riotous race to recover our supposed quality of life?

In any case, the world will not be the same, what can be the contribution of art to the new world that is being born?

Art can provide your creativity, your lateral thinking, an imagination without protocols.

The Complex Thinking Laboratory invites all disciplines to make their contribution, to think outside the box to put together a model of the new post-COVID-19 world.

Are we willing to rethink the concepts of well-being, will we be able to move towards a more solidary society, we will commit ourselves to bequeath a better world to generations


Joaquin Fargas

Joaquín Fargas - Artist