The ashes are the last vestige we have of materiality. During life our body is constantly changing. It exchanges atoms with the environment and renews all of its matter on average ten times during its existence.

Constellations consists of the projection of three faces that are reflected on human ashes in suspension in a kind of reunion or rebirth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes to come alive again.

Projected images of Joaquín Fargas, his sister, and Gyula Kosice, an artist to whom he pays tribute.

How is it that we remain who we are if we constantly change? Where does our existence lie, our conscience? Is life on the physical support of our materiality? Perhaps both spirituality and matter come together energetically in a way that is beyond our understanding. Are they separate or are they just one thing?

Constellations starts from concepts similar to those of Soulware also based on matter, life and spirit.

Joaquín Fargas - Artist