Robotika, The Nannybot

In a context of great threats to the planet, whose habitability conditions are drastically and systematically diminished by the same action of man, it is evident that we must question our suitability to decide for the well-being of humanity and all the inhabitants of the Earth. . Our decisions as human beings are destroying us and, so far, we have not managed to reverse this process.

Joaquín Fargas proposes, through his work, a disruptive installation in which the public can interact with their own babies if they wish, while being inevitably challenged by two essential questions:

¿ Are we in a position to guarantee the survival of our species?

Are we willing to delegate the preservation of the human race to an Artificial Intelligence?

The answers may vary depending on how aware we are of the reality in which we find ourselves immersed. Joaquín Fargas tries to demonstrate this point in the presentation that usually accompanies the inauguration of this work, repeating the exact same questions before and after a brief tour through the latest international news. The results are eloquent.

Robotika, The Nannybot is a robot with artificial intelligence whose function is the preservation of the human race. Robotika , defies the limits of the concept of humanity.

The mission of Robotika is to contribute to the preservation of the human race if it were to face its eventual decline. Each Robotika will carry embryos in cryopreservation in order to take human life to the most remote places of the Universe.




A robot with artificial intelligence that learns based on trial and error, challenging the limits of the concept of being human


In the performance, she interacts with human babies, detecting their identity through facial recognition and comforting them according to their reactions.


It stands as a galactic ark that will carry frozen embryos to the deepest recesses of the universe in the future in order to develop human life to guarantee the survival of our species.


It is also an excuse to ask ourselves if human beings are in a position to guarantee the survival of our species and if we are willing to delegate our future to artificial intelligence.

Joaquín Fargas - Artist