Utopia Proyect

Utopia is an artistic project that has Antarctica as its epicenter. Its mission is to raise awareness about climate change, the melting of ice and its consequences on the planet.

The installation consists of a building made of ice as the main nucleus and four works of a utopian nature gathered around it. The work that gave rise to the project was Don Quixote against climate change, which was added as a result of the inspiring Antarctic experience: Creation Extinction, Quiescence and Project Hielos.

Don Quixote against climate change

This installation consists of a series of three windmills that worked in Antarctica generating cold in order to keep the glaciers and the frozen poles. In a chimerical effort against climate change, the work represents the ability of man to fight even against what seems impossible based on the well-known character of Cervantes, Don Quixote, who fought against the windmills thinking that they were giants who came to overwhelm the world, in a sterile and impossible fight.

” Changing the world is not madness or utopia … ” (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

Joaquín Fargas - Artist