Joaquín Fargas

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"Are we individual beings or are we part of a universal group that has an unknown common objective?  To the tragic impact of COVID-19, represented by the increasing number of deaths, followed by devastating economic effects that by themselves lead to a humanitarian crisis, uncertainty is added. The emergence of the pandemic has put the world on pause or at least slowed down its activity to levels that can be seen at a glance, the environmental impact dramatically decreased, modifying the planet’s postcard. We..."

Robotika, The Nannybot

"Robotika is the result of us making ourselves two main questions: 1. Are we as human beings able to guarantee our own kind survival? 2. Are we ready to delegate to an AI the future of the human civilization? While physics tries to understand the origin of the universe at the LHC and other thinkers pose that the birth of time is not the birth of the universe, the same questions reappear: humanity is linked to the age of the Earth? Is it possible to develop humanity in the post-Earth age? Fargas raises the hypothesis..."


"Abstract Recent studies show that the melting of ice caused by global warming could do more than raising the sea level: it could wake up frozen viruses. Since 2003, large viruses have been found ensconced in permafrost, a layer of soil in the Arctic that is usually permanently frozen. Rising temperatures and melting ice could see the reappearance of ancient deadly viruses. It looks like all kinds of infection-causing viruses could defrost as the world warms. Glaciator works as an antivirus that compress the..."


"Rabdomante: The Utopia of Water. Solar energy, an essential source of life for our planet, is used to generate electricity through a photovoltaic process. The Rabdomante stores the sun’s energy in batteries that then power devices called Peltier Cells. Then, water condensation occurs on the cold side of the cells when the get in contact with the atmosphere. So, water is obtained. The combination of nature with technology allows us to generate a new life cycle in the desert, obtaining water from the atmosphere..."