Joaquín Fargas

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"Rabdomante: The Utopia of Water. Solar energy, an essential source of life for our planet, is used to generate electricity through a photovoltaic process. The Rabdomante stores the sun’s energy in batteries that then power devices called Peltier Cells. Then, water condensation occurs on the cold side of the cells when the get in contact with the atmosphere. So, water is obtained. The combination of nature with technology allows us to generate a new life cycle in the desert, obtaining water from the atmosphere..."


"Forty million years ago, the Antarctic was a warm continent and the habitat of many animal and plants species. A dramatic cooling process produced a massive extinction. The sun is the only thing that has remained virtually unchanged and connects that past, millions of years ago, with the present. Solar flowers and insects represent a hinge between the Antarctic fossils past and the future; where human’s  technological capacity has begun to unravel the mystery of life and this could mean the recreation of..."

Sunflower, sentinel of climate change

"Sunflower is a big robotic flower, with its petals are made by solar panels. These petals generate the necessary electricity during the day to sustain the operations SunFlower is a large scale robotic flower whose petals are made of solar panels. These generate the electricity needed during the day to power the flower’s operations as weather station and for lighting at night. The flower monitors environmental conditions of its surroundings: air pollution, UV radiation, temperature and other variables. In..."

Environmental Credit Card/Biogame

"Environmental Credit is a project which proposes a paradigm shift towards the use of the planet resources, having in mind future generations and the environmental sustainability of the Earth. It involves every living creature, considering the relation with its closest environment, the near outer space and the universe in general. Environmental Credit presents an intervention on the planet’s ecosystem and human life. It limits individual actions related to consumption to seek a balance between used resources..."

Space for purification

"A fishing hut in Cheng Long, Taiwan  and its surroundings were converted into a »Place for Purification» where the water, our thoughts and our behavior regarding the environment could be improved. The project »Place for Purification» is a mix of art, science and technology. The main goal is to achieve a better relationship between the people and the environment, the human beings and nature. The installation is a combination between wind sculptures, solar panels and a purifying water system. It was used..."

Homo Energeticus

"Homo Energeticus express the relation between the man and his environment and how the impact that has on it. Is an interactive installation conformed by tubes and fibers, filled with liquid, air and light. This fibers act as blood vessels, and are reflecting the energy in the people passing by, with the movement of the fluids. The green represents the impact of the man on the Vegetable Kingdom, the red one on Animal kingdom, and the violet is the cyanide produced by the mining. The work is complete with a..."

Wind Sculptures

"Windcapture and Windligh are kinetic pieces, sculptures that spin because of the force of the wind. These sculptures have the added benefit to generate its own electricity to illuminate itself. Awarded by the Kinetic Art Organization 2003-2005 "

Arborem Autotroph

"Arborem Autotroph is a metallic tree that generates a sort of «artificial photosynthesis». In the ground surrounding the tree, there are solar panels that generate electricity to pump water from the bottom to the leaves on top. It makes tiny drops to fall suggesting the water cycle. By night the leaves are illuminated by fiber optics and leds using the stored energy generated during the day. The wind make the leaves to move while the sun is reflected emphasizing the movement. "