Joaquín Fargas

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Big Brain Project

"Big Brain Project is a system made by a series of nerve cells cultures, spread around the world and interconnected through the internet.  The interactive global installation conforms an hybrid and universal brain that combines nervous cells tissue cultures with an artificial neuronal system which helps providing the capacity of remote interconnection and communication with all its nodes. The project shows the new communication possibilities comparing the concept of synapses with the digital connection. Big..."

Utopia Project

"Utopia is an artistic project developed in Antarctica. Its mission is to raise awareness about climate change, melting ice caps and its impact on the planet. The installation consists of a core ice structure surrounded by four utopian works of art. Its origin can be traced back to Don Quixote Against Climate Change, later joined, as a result of the inspiring Antarctic experience, by the pieces Extinction-Creation, Quiescence and Ice Project. Don Quixote Against Climate Change This installation consisted of..."


"Forty million years ago, the Antarctic was a warm continent and the habitat of many animal and plants species. A dramatic cooling process produced a massive extinction. The sun is the only thing that has remained virtually unchanged and connects that past, millions of years ago, with the present. Solar flowers and insects represent a hinge between the Antarctic fossils past and the future; where human’s  technological capacity has begun to unravel the mystery of life and this could mean the recreation of..."

Consensus or apocalypse

"Consensus or Apocalypse is a political art proposal, which aims to raise awareness about the risk of worldwide confrontations and the position of the technology in relation to the actual and future situations. It consists in a performative lecture, where the interaction with the public is prevalent, concluding in a consensus workshop where the participants have to solve a nonlinear puzzle in which the pieces must match to ensure global balance. During the activities, a 3D printer produces a weapon from files..."

Homo Energeticus

"Homo Energeticus express the relation between the man and his environment and how the impact that has on it. Is an interactive installation conformed by tubes and fibers, filled with liquid, air and light. This fibers act as blood vessels, and are reflecting the energy in the people passing by, with the movement of the fluids. The green represents the impact of the man on the Vegetable Kingdom, the red one on Animal kingdom, and the violet is the cyanide produced by the mining. The work is complete with a..."

Quo vadis? Ad astra

"The answer is: Ad Astra. It means towards the stars. Three QR codes painted in acrylic on canvas, are doors to other dimensions that connect us to other places in the universe. It is a trip that you can take, but you need a partner as two smart phones or tablets are needed to make such trip. Scanning the QR codes along the way will take you to a galaxy that can be located many millions light years one to each other depending on your absolutely random choices. "