Joaquín Fargas

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Cave of the future

"Cave paintings are one of the most ancient art forms, of which there is evidence from 40.000 years ago. As in the past these people left us hand prints on the rock, capturing their journey in this world, the Cave of the Future invites to make a digital record of our days, leaving the imprint of our hands on digital media as a mark of our passage through this world and a legacy of this era for future generations. "

The Underground Connection

"The Underground connection proposes to connect metro stations in different cities around the world through art and technology. The proposal includes multidimensional windows between remote locations, collaborative works with the participation of artists and the public, and shared contests and events, among others activities. "

Stochastic Principle

"Probability, luck, chance, or even providence to some, play an essential role in our encounter in time and space. New technologies broadened the formats and possibilities. Communication devices and mechanisms allow us to hold not in-person but virtual meetings. Our life depends heavily on coincidences; no doubt our nature encloses the need to meet, to share and to be part of a common moment that transcends our lives and every possible variable. “I sought you in time and did not find you, I tried in space..."

Connection Plaza

"Connection Plaza is a group of interactive sculptures connected one to each other through the Internet. The participants complete the work of art: When the firs participant step on a circle his/her body weight turns on a device which lifts a telescopic tower somewhere else, trying to call someone, like a phone ringing. If a second participant answers the call stepping on the circle in front of the raised tower, he/she will raise the tower in front of the first participant establishing a two way connection...."

Environmental Credit Card/Biogame

"Environmental Credit is a project which proposes a paradigm shift towards the use of the planet resources, having in mind future generations and the environmental sustainability of the Earth. It involves every living creature, considering the relation with its closest environment, the near outer space and the universe in general. Environmental Credit presents an intervention on the planet’s ecosystem and human life. It limits individual actions related to consumption to seek a balance between used resources..."

Surplus II

"The containers are filled of life in dormant state, but ready to be transformed. What is this? Is a cocoon? Is a cry-conservation chamber? It is unknown. It is an space that evolves waiting to be explore. The containers reacts contorting their selves by the presence of the visitors. "

Travel Agency to the future

"Are you concern about your reality? do you hate the current politicians? are you bored about your present? , need an adventure? Why don’t you  travel to the future. The travel Agency to the Future offers you the possibility to travel, just one way, to the future. Today we can freeze an embryo and later transform into a human being. Science is working to bridge the gap between the embryo and a complete human being. we expect to start travelling to the future shortly, Do you want to book now your ticket? "

Shaking hands

"The project consists in giving  a “virtual  hug” to the earth. This work aims to bring communities closer. As more people log in, more meters of the earth circumference become virtually surrounded. This work adresses the issues related to tolerance, fraternity and human bonds. Is it possible to hug the earth? "