Joaquín Fargas

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Robotika, The Nannybot

"Robotika is the result of us making ourselves two main questions: 1. Are we as human beings able to guarantee our own kind survival? 2. Are we ready to delegate to an AI the future of the human civilization? While physics tries to understand the origin of the universe at the LHC and other thinkers pose that the birth of time is not the birth of the universe, the same questions reappear: humanity is linked to the age of the Earth? Is it possible to develop humanity in the post-Earth age? Fargas raises the hypothesis..."


"Rabdomante: The Utopia of Water. Solar energy, an essential source of life for our planet, is used to generate electricity through a photovoltaic process. The Rabdomante stores the sun’s energy in batteries that then power devices called Peltier Cells. Then, water condensation occurs on the cold side of the cells when the get in contact with the atmosphere. So, water is obtained. The combination of nature with technology allows us to generate a new life cycle in the desert, obtaining water from the atmosphere..."

Utopia Project

"Utopia is an artistic project developed in Antarctica. Its mission is to raise awareness about climate change, melting ice caps and its impact on the planet. The installation consists of a core ice structure surrounded by four utopian works of art. Its origin can be traced back to Don Quixote Against Climate Change, later joined, as a result of the inspiring Antarctic experience, by the pieces Extinction-Creation, Quiescence and Ice Project. Don Quixote Against Climate Change This installation consisted of..."

The Underground Connection

"The Underground connection proposes to connect metro stations in different cities around the world through art and technology. The proposal includes multidimensional windows between remote locations, collaborative works with the participation of artists and the public, and shared contests and events, among others activities. "

I wear

"I-wear is an artistic proposal that aims to blur the boundaries between our conscience, our body, clothing and the environment. Each garment is designed to be part of a collection and a performance. The general concept of the collection is to conceive the clothes as a secondary conscience, a second skin, that reproduces and redevelops the processes of the human body. This bond is also established with the environment and, in another line of research, interaction also happens between the garments themselves. "

Twitting doves

"It is an installation and performance where the visitors write a tweet that is incorporated to a chip attached to a pigeon, then the doves are released and when they arrive to their places the tweets are sent through the web and display Today we send the messages on real time, we expect an . response. Tweeting Doves in the original site where the visitors first wrote the tweets. It is a way to put some biological mediation between the emitter of the message and the receptor. It is a poetic way to come back..."

Absolute Book

"Is it possible to have a book containing the universal knowledge? For centuries the humankind has wondered about having a book that collects and preserves the total wisdom. Is the Internet what we were looking for? Can the Web store the Universal knowledge? Or it is just a reservoir of information with no sense if we can’t understand what it means? The Absolute Book drives us to explore different paths; so many that are infinite alternatives regarding the human scale. His ephemeral pages have no chance to..."


"You write a message and your message is translated into hundred different languages and then sent to the outer space trying to reach an alien civilization. The installation is composed by a terminal to write your message and the transmission tower made of bamboo, a renewable resource found in several places around the world. From the beginning the man tried to find another civilization , tried to reach the sky, that’s the story told in the Bible where the civilization tried to make a huge tower called Babel..."

Walking on the moon

"The projection of the moon on the floor on real time allows us to imagine that we can walk over the moon. Almost fifty years after reaching the moon, the man continue dreaming about our satellite, here is a poetic way to bring the moon to us.   "

Quo vadis? Ad astra

"The answer is: Ad Astra. It means towards the stars. Three QR codes painted in acrylic on canvas, are doors to other dimensions that connect us to other places in the universe. It is a trip that you can take, but you need a partner as two smart phones or tablets are needed to make such trip. Scanning the QR codes along the way will take you to a galaxy that can be located many millions light years one to each other depending on your absolutely random choices. "

Fairy Clone

"Many times we dreamed of being in different places at the same time. The Fairy Clone is everywhere showing us what’s happening in other places  wandering around taking selfies with her stick and transmitting video on real time. She is ubiquitous and omnipresent, and of course she is a Good Godmother Fairy. "

For ever digital

"Many times Internet, thought different ways like Face Book, become a king of digital and active mausoleum where some people seems to continue being alive in spite having passed way. Here are some testimonies of people that had an experience regarding this subject. "


"Robotika is a female robot, a cyber nanny, that runs a performance along with a real human baby. She is intelligent and learns how to keep the baby happy while taking care of his needs. In the future she will become a kind of «Galactic Ark» and will travel taking embryos to many places in the universe looking for a good site to develop the human civilization. "


"Contact is an interactive installation that could be operated trough internet "