Joaquín Fargas

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The Biosphere Project in Madrid, Spain


Havana Biennial

"Joaquin Fargas was invited to participate in the XII Havana Biennial whit the Biosphere Project Academic activities El encuentro del arte, la ciencia y la tecnología (The meeting of Art, Science and Technology ) Lecture at the National Museum of Natural History. Arte en la era del antropoceno y Arte en los albores de la revolución genética(Art in the Anthropocene Era and Art at the dawn of the Genetic Revolution), Lecture at ISA, Arts university. Workshop with 6 grade students, at the National Museum of..."


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Ars Electronica 2020

"The Nature of Our Nature The contribution of artistic creativity fosters thinking outside the box, it becomes an important ingredient in research groups. The increasing complexities of the different disciplines lead us to think of interdisciplinary as a fundamental tool to generate a synergistic effect and art cannot be absent. Art has the quality of going many times one step further, pointing to the future. This is why Rabdomante and Glaciator are here in a ‘Dialogue between two deserts‘; they are confronted..."