Joaquín Fargas

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The Biosphere Project

"In 2015, the Biosphere Project was invited to continue in the Comtemporary Arts Museum in Mar del Plata, as part of the new exhibition called »Museo para armar/Incorporaciones», until march 2016. And in last December Joaquin Fargas was invited to give a conference and present the Biosphere Project in Technarte LA, held in the gallery LACDA, Los Angeles Center For Digital Arts. It is still in display there. "


"PrimeMind Article "

BBC – Earth Day at 50: The best ways to change the world

"Antarctica may not seem the obvious choice for an art installation. The continent has no permanent residents, and its small, temporary population is made up of busy research scientists, not touring art lovers. Nevertheless, the innovative art installation, Glaciators, ran there for several months in 2017. Conceived by Argentinian artist-engineer Joaquín Fargas, the Glaciator is a shiny silver robot, coated in solar panels, that accelerates the formation of glacial ice by compacting powdery snow beneath..."

THE GUARDIAN – From foil-wrapped glaciers to the Alpine storm cyclist: the artists fighting climate change

"Solar robots transforming snow back into glaciers Housed in Barcelona’s magnificent historical pavilion Sant Cosme y Sant Damià, Quo Artis is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the dialogue between arts, science and technology. Recent activity includes Glaciator, an art installation in Antarctica composed of solar robots that help to compact and crystallise the snow by turning it into ice, then adhering it to the glacier mass. As glacial melting is one of the most alarming..."