Quo Vadis? Ad astra

¿ Quo vadis? is a journey to the galaxies through art and technology. During the trip there will be decisions to make without weight, simply linked to chance and the participant’s whim.

The proposal in ¿Quo vadis? is that the public interact with the work as a game. In the first instance, the person will find themselves in front of three colored QR codes and will have to decide which one to scan. This will take you to a page with two other options, where you will choose one to scan and so on, until you reach a constellation.

The way to participate is in pairs, since it is necessary to work with two devices, one that reads the first code, and a second that will read the options that appear in the first. In this way, the path and the choices are made together, decisions are made at random that will lead them to some unknown and remote place.

Joaquín Fargas - Artist